Alfred Birkegaard


In the Berkeley hills filming for the documentary 2013

 I am a photographer, DIY-filmmaker and Ph.d. fellow at Roskilde University and in collaboration with Novozymes. My primary research focus is on the human aspects of complex collaboration. CollaborativeSociety is the home for that project.

Our new book  Kollaboration by David Budtz, Kristian Martiny and I will be released by Samfundsforlaget in Fall 2016. If you’re interested in researching Collaboration further – please contact

Phone 0045 – 50526323

There are many that deserve recognition, but I would particularly like to highlight a few below.

In particular, that sounds a special thanks to Novozymes and Roskilde University for daring to break new ground with this thesis. I would also like to thank my supervisor, Søren Riis, who has provided excellent guidance and consistently supported and backed the project. Hubert Dreyfus for many critical conversations about learning and technology in the 21st century and because he agreed to guide me when I showed up at his office in Berkeley, and since opened both her home and network for me.

A special thanks to Kristian M. Martiny and David Budtz for more than a hundred hours of discussion about philosophical role in the collaboration and to create the framework for a continuation of the collaborative research through our newly established research initiative For Mark Mohr, Lauge Hendriksen and Jonas A. Jeppesen for the long-term collaboration on the understanding of the interaction between text and film as well as the design of the foundation for the at Roskilde University.

In addition, thanks to Ejner Bech Jensen, Frank Hatzack, Christian Tillegreen and Gernot J. Abel from Novozymes. Birger Lindberg Møller and Nanna Heinz from the Centre for Synthesis Biology. Emil Polny and Malthe Borch, from the Danish biohackerspace BiologiGaragen. James Mathews, Daniel Oxenhandler, William Sloan and Mads Bjørnvad to help to continue the project in an Indian context. I take this opportunity to thank Jakob Thomsen for patiently to come with textual tightening and improvements. In addition, a special thanks to Hanne Leth Andersen, Rector of Roskilde University, to support the documentary project and provide managerial room for new collaborative opportunities for development at a time when the university is under economic and political pressure.

Finally, I would like to thank my beautiful wife, Katja Gry, who accompanied me on the knowledge journey and helped work on the documentary and this site, and especially for giving birth to our two daughters during the genesis of this project!